About us

About us.

Photo Erik



Industrial Engineer by education, with a 15 years+ track record of delivering Business Intelligence and Big Data projects across various industries, Erik’s passion is to disrupt established processes using new technologies and data. He founded todayIvote.com with the conviction that the democratic process of creating laws could also be improved using technology and public data, at the benefit of both citizens and elected representatives.

Photo MarieAnne

Marie-Anne MOREAU

Studying for a Master’s degree in Political Science, Marie-Anne is passionate about entrepreneurship. She joined todayIvote.com as part of a thrilling journey to bring democracy back into everyday life and to turn ideas into reality. 



Engineer by trade, Anne is passionate about using her organisational skills for projects that make sense. Lately working in the renewable energy industry, she led the development of solar farms, wind farms and energy storage plants in Australia. Engaging with local communities, councils and regulators to draw the best outcome for all parties, Anne managed to develop what was at the time Australia’s largest solar farm currently in operations.



Studying for a master’s degree in Computer Science (Epitech Paris), Killian previously worked at the Ministry of Army, developing projects from design phase to deployment. At Paris Military School, he implemented the security system managing credentials for on site visitors . Killian is also a Technical and Pedagogical assistant at Epitech where he helps other students in their technical projects.