Terms and Conditions



  • Legal information

 Todayivote is a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 5050 euros and registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 888 445 830 whose head office is located at 149, Avenue du Maine , 75014 Paris, France which publishes a website available at the address https://www.Todayivote.com/fr (the “site”) which offers online services enabling citizens to connect with their parliamentarians.


 Todayivote’s contact details are:

  • email address: contact@Todayivote.com;
  • Preamble

 Any use of the site supposes consultation, understanding and acceptance of these general conditions.


 The user declares and acknowledges:

  • having the technical competence to use the site;
  • be of legal age and have full legal capacity allowing them to engage under these general conditions.

 The user declares to have obtained all the necessary information regarding the use of the site and the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the services offered there.


 The services offered by Todayivote are intended to provide:

  • legislative monitoring to citizens;
  • a space for expression and collaboration on draft laws and proposals for parliamentarians and citizens;
  • the creation of statistics resulting from contributions in the application and intended for citizens, parliamentarians and third-party companies, in free or paid form.

 It is specified that no transaction is carried out on the site.

  • Definitions

 The terms defined below will have the following meanings between the parties:

  • “application”: Refers to the mobile application operated and marketed by Todayivote, accessible on mobile phones and digital tablets and downloadable from the Playstore and App Store platforms.
  • “Anomaly”: Means any incident, impossibility or difficulty of access, or malfunction of the Interface compared to its description on the site, interruption or degradation of the functions of the Interface observed by the user.
  • “Citizen”: Refers to any natural person who has created a personal space to use the Services and who acts in a non-professional context, it being understood that a Citizen can access several Interfaces.
  • “General conditions”: As defined in the Preamble.
  • “Parliamentary”: Refers to a person who has been elected in the role of Deputy or Senator, still in office or not, registered or not in the services.
  • “Data”: Refers to all the data provided by a User in the context of the use of the Services.
  • “Interface”: Refers to the dedicated interface created by Todayivote made available to users, accessible from the site and via the application and constituting a citizen participation network.
  • “Part”: Designates in the singular indiscriminately Todayivote or the user, and in the plural Todayivote and the user together; 
  •  “User”: refers to the natural person, professional or private user who benefits from the services offered on the site;
  • “User account”: designates a virtual space in the form of web pages within the site dedicated to the professional user by means of the username and password;
  • “Site”: Todayivote website accessible at the url http://www.Todayivote.com/fr/;
  • “Services”: all the services offered by Todayivote via the site as detailed in article 7 below.
  • Purpose

 The purpose of these general conditions is to define the conditions and terms of use of the site through which Todayivote offers the following services: 

  • For Citizens: access and use of the Interface.
  • For Parliamentarians: access and use of the Interface.

 By creating his user account, the user acknowledges having received all useful information and answers to his questions from Todayivote, which has enabled him to verify his interest in subscribing to the Services and their suitability for his needs.

  • Enforceability of the general conditionsgeneral

 Theseconditions are enforceable as soon as they are accepted by the user.


 Any use of Todayivote’s Services requires consultation and acceptance of the T & Cs. The user acknowledges that the use of these services requires compliance with all the provisions provided herein.


 The registration of the user on the application and more generally its use or consultation of the interface entails the full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of use in force without restriction or reservation and is formalized by the checkbox by the user when registering or in the event of a subsequent modification of the general conditions.


 Todayivote reserves the right to adapt or modify these general conditions at any time, in order to take account in particular of the evolution of the services.


 In the event of modification of the general conditions, the new general conditions will be brought to the attention of the user the next time they use the services by means of a banner or a pop-up window and must again be accepted. The modification will take effect immediately upon posting of the general conditions. Any use of Todayivote’s services after the modification of the general conditions constitutes acceptance by the user of the new general conditions.


 The user can at any time decide to no longer use the services but remains responsible for any previous use.


 The general conditions are permanently accessible on the site.

  • Access and identification conditions
              1. Technical prerequisite

 Before using the services, the user is invited to check the compatibility of his computer equipment with the services and in particular that he has an internet connection with sufficient speed and a medium such as a computer, a smartphone or tablet to use the services. All costs relating to access, whether material, software or internet access costs are exclusively the responsibility of the user who is solely responsible for the proper functioning of his equipment as well as for its access and its internet connection.

              1. Access to the site

 To access the Services, the user identifies himself using his e-mail address and password (the “identifiers”). If not yet registered, the user must create an account and identify himself, indicating a valid e-mail address and a password (personal and confidential) which will be used later to identify himself, access his personal space and more generally to the Services. When creating an account, the user must complete a registration form provided for this purpose and must fill in the fields identified as mandatory. Any incomplete registration will not allow the user to access the services.


 In particular, when creating an account, the user provides the following personal information: year of birth, gender, postal code, socio-professional category and centers of interest. Registration automatically results in the opening of a personal account giving access to a personalized space which allows citizens to use the Services and in particular to select a bill or proposed law or the profile of a parliamentarian who interests them and publish content and follow the activities that occur there.


 The identifiers are personal and cannot be communicated to third parties, the user must in particular maintain the security of his communications and online publications for example by not communicating his identifiers to anyone and by regularly changing his password. The citizen’s identifiers allow him to access his account, the interfaces and thus publish content.


 Access to the site is free and open to any user with internet access. All costs relating to access, whether hardware, software or Internet access costs are exclusively the responsibility of the user. He is solely responsible for the proper functioning of his computer equipment as well as his internet access. The site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


 Todayivote reserves the right in particular, without notice or compensation, to temporarily close the site or access to one or more services, in particular to carry out an update, maintenance operations, modifications or changes to operational methods, servers and hours of accessibility, without this list being exhaustive.


 Todayivote cannot be held responsible for the proper functioning of the user’s IT equipment and their internet access.


 Todayivote reserves the right to supplement or modify, at any time, the site and the services available there according to the evolution of technologies.


 It is up to the user to ensure the possibilities of evolution of the IT and transmission means at his disposal so that these means can adapt to the evolutions of the site.

              1. Security

 Todayivote makes its best efforts, in accordance with the rules of the art, to secure the site with regard to the risk incurred and the nature of the data processed. However, Todayivote can only be held responsible for this point in the event of proven fault attributable to the latter.


 The site is an automated data processing system. The user is prohibited from accessing or maintaining himself, fraudulently, in all or part of the site. He is prohibited from using an access method other than the interface made available by Todayivote to access the site. In the event that such a method is discovered or if the user inadvertently enters a reserved area, without rights, he undertakes to inform Todayivote without delay by e-mail at the address (contact @ todayivote. com) so that he can take the necessary measures.


 The user is prohibited from deleting or modifying data contained on the site which has not been published by himself, or fraudulently entering data or even altering the functioning of the site. In particular, he takes care not to introduce viruses, malicious code or any other technology harmful to the site or to the services offered there.


 Any access to or maintenance in a prohibited space will be considered as fraudulent access or maintenance within the meaning of the provisions of the Penal Code.


 The user undertakes to consider that all the data of which he will have become aware during such access to an unauthorized space are confidential data and therefore undertakes not to disclose them.


 In particular, the user is prohibited from carrying out any operation aimed at saturating a page, bounce operations or any operation having the consequence of hindering or distorting the functioning of the site, and any action which would impose a disproportionate load on the infrastructures of the site. site.


 The user agrees not to use devices or software of any kind that would interfere with the proper functioning of the site or impose a disproportionate burden on it.


 The user accepts the characteristics and limits of the internet. He is aware that data circulating on the Internet is not necessarily protected, in particular against possible misappropriation.


 The user takes the appropriate measures to ensure the security of his own data and / or software from contamination by possible viruses on the Internet.

              1. Identification, user account and password

 Use of the site requires the opening of a user account.


 In order to be able to open a user account, the user is asked to indicate a username and password as well as a valid e-mail address.


 The user is solely responsible for the preservation and confidentiality of his identifiers and passwords which are strictly personal to him, and undertakes to take all useful measures to ensure this perfect confidentiality, and in particular to modify it regularly.


 Any use of the password is presumed to be made on behalf of the user. The user undertakes to change his password without delay in the event of voluntary disclosure or not to third parties, such as in the event of loss or forgetting. 


 The user is solely responsible for the use that will be made under his password until he has requested a change of the latter under the aforementioned conditions.


 The responsibility of Todayivote cannot be sought in the event of fraudulent or abusive use or due to a voluntary or involuntary disclosure to anyone of their usernames and / or passwords.

  • Services
              1. Use of services

 The services offered by Todayivote are intended to provide:

  • from legislative monitoring to citizens
  • a space for expression and collaboration on draft laws and proposals for parliamentarians and citizens.
  • the creation of statistics resulting from contributions in the application and intended for citizens, parliamentarians and third-party companies, in free or paid form.

 Todayivote grants the user a right to use the services in a non-transferable personal capacity and only for his own needs. As such, the user can publish content on the interface under the conditions determined below.


 Users acknowledge that they have the quality of publisher within the meaning of the law for confidence in the digital economy of June 21, 2004 and as such they are directly responsible for the content they publish on the interfaces. As such, it is recalled that Todayivote can in no way be considered as being responsible for the publication of content on the interfaces. As administrator of the interface, the user ensures that citizens do not use the services for purposes other than those provided for herein and undertake to notify Todayivote of any use and / or non-compliant content. or illegal or likely to be considered non-compliant or illegal.


 The parliamentarians recognize that the dissemination of an opinion, a reaction or a comment becomes equivalent to a public speech which must respect the contributors and the honor of the natural and legal persons mentioned where appropriate. .

              1. Additional services

 Todayivote can offer parliamentarians additional services, in particular for the creation and personalization of content intended for the citizens of the constituency or the personalization of their profile that may be the subject of a specific order form and / or a separate billing.

              1. Availability of services

 The Interface and more generally the Services are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure, voluntary or involuntary interruption of the Internet network, whatever the cause, particularly in the event of of maintenance. Indeed, Todayivote reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to close or suspend temporarily or permanently all or part of access to the Services, in particular to carry out an update, maintenance operations, modifications or changes to operational methods, servers and hours of accessibility, without this list being exhaustive. Being subject to an obligation of means, Todayivote cannot be held liable for damages of any kind that may result from these changes and / or from a temporary unavailability or even from the definitive closure of all or part of the Services.


 In case of interruption or inability to use the Services, the user can contact Todayivote customer service for information, by e-mail at the following address: support@Todayivote.com.

 In addition, Todayivote reserves the right to supplement or modify, at any time, its Services according to the evolution of technology. If new features are added, Todayivote will inform the user on the understanding that access to these new features may be subject to additional billing.

              1. Maintenance

 When Todayivote provides a maintenance service to its customers, this does not include the diagnosis and / or the corrections of any Anomaly which would result from:

  • use of the Services or the Interface not in accordance with the description of the Services on the Site or the provisions hereof, or for a use for which it is not intended;
  • a modification or alteration of the Interface or any attempt to modify or alter it by the user or a third party;
  • failure to follow a recommended recommendation or failure to implement solutions provided by Todayivote in response to one or more Anomaly (s);
  • the recovery of data which has been deleted or altered without the negligence of Todayivote being able to be invoked;
  • any loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from an act or inaction of the Customer;
  • an Anomaly or error resulting from (i) a software or application published by a third party, its updates, or new editions or versions; (ii) a machine belonging to a third party (iii) a network or Internet connection problem; and
  • the change of equipment or a problem affecting the Customer’s computer system.

 However, Todayivote may, at its discretion, agree to provide maintenance for the cases listed above, and provide any service or assistance that is not expressly provided for or for which it has not expressly agreed to intervene. In this case, these services will be billed at the Todayivote rates in effect at the time of their billing.

The maintenance does not include the correction of Anomaly which would not be reproducible by Todayivote.


 The user must inform Todayivote of all Anomalies as soon as they are detected and provide sufficient information to Todayivote to enable it to reproduce the Anomaly.

  • Obligations of users
              1. Obligations relating to the use of the services

 Each user undertakes to use the Services only under the sole conditions defined herein and in addition:

  • not to divert the use of the services for personal advertising or sale of products or services;
  • not to commit any act of counterfeiting, not to reproduce, download, represent, modify, all or part of a content over which a third party holds rights, in particular intellectual property rights, not to use a “robot” or a website “vacuum cleaner”;
  • not to commit any act contrary to the provisions hereof or to the laws and regulations in force;
  • not to disrupt or harm directly or indirectly the proper functioning of the Todayivote Services, and in particular not to introduce viruses or any other technology harmful to the application, or to the Services offered therein;
  • to create only one account to access the Services;
  • in the event that the User’s account has been deleted by Todayivote for one of the reasons provided for in the article “Unsubscription and termination of the subscription” below, not to create another account without the prior authorization from Todayivote.
  • The user undertakes, in addition to the above obligations: to
  • collaborate actively and in good faith with Todayivote;
  • use the services only for their own needs and for the sole purposes referred to herein;
  • not to send any message of a commercial nature to users;
  • ensure that the distribution of any content, within the framework of the services, that is likely to infringe or encourages infringement of intellectual property rights, the right to the protection of privacy and of personal data, is prohibited.
              1. Obligations relating to content published on the Interface

 As specified above, users are required to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions and they are responsible for the content of all kinds (texts, sounds, images, and videos) that they publish. on the Interface.


 The User undertakes in particular not to publish content that is or is likely to:

  • be false, deceptive, fraudulent or unrelated to the purpose of the Services;
  • to undermine public order and good morals (in particular, condoning crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography, etc.);
  • to be contrary to the laws and regulations in force;
  • to be qualified as a criminal offense (e.g. defamatory, insulting, displaced, abusive and in particular: Hateful, racist, xenophobic, pedophile, homophobic, or damaging the honor or reputation of others, threatening a person or a group of people) ;
  • to infringe or encourage infringement of the intellectual property rights of others;
  • to damage the image of Todayivote, the customer, and / or another citizen or a third party, and / or constitute acts of unfair or parasitic competition with regard to Todayivote or a third party .
  • To make useful contributions in the general interest, in relation to the subject under discussion, and to participate in the discussions and debates proposed in a constructive manner.
  • Not to express any illicit, defamatory, abusive, obscene, discriminatory, threatening or contrary to the spirit of the provision of this tool of citizen dialogue.
  • Not to publish advertising or carry out commercial activity.
  • To avoid any message contrary to copyright, image rights and respect for private life.
  • Not to communicate information relating to your private life (email, telephone, address, family, etc.) or that of a third party without their consent.
  • To recognize that everyone has the right to have an opinion different from yours and to respect it.
  • To express oneself in correct and accessible language, in particular avoiding the use of CAPITAL letters which interfere with the courtesy of exchanges.
  • Report to the support service (support@Todayivote.com) all content in violation of these conditions.
  1. The user undertakes not to distribute or create a referral hypertext link on the Interface without the prior consent of Todayivote and undertakes to remove any link upon simple and unique request from Todayivote.
  1. The user is fully responsible for his contribution and expressly undertakes to comply with these, at the risk of seeing his criminal or civil liability engaged.
  • In the event that the published content does not comply with these principles and if Todayivote is informed, Todayivote reserves the right, immediately and without notice to:
  • suspend, delete, request the modification of any content that does not comply with these conditions;
  • ask a User to modify the content;
  • block, suspend or delete the User’s account;
  • communicate to the competent authorities all the required information.

 In this case, the user cannot claim any damages. In addition, it is recalled that the User incurs, on a personal basis, the penal sanctions specific to the content in question (imprisonment and fine), in addition to the possible condemnation to the payment of damages.


 In the event of a dispute between users because of the content published by one of them, it is up to the Users to get in touch and settle their dispute between them. Todayivote is not required to intervene and will not intervene in the resolution of the dispute. Todayivote therefore reserves the right not to respond to the complaint of a User which would be addressed to it in this case, without incurring any liability in this respect.


 More generally, Todayivote reserves the right to suspend or terminate the use of its services to any user who does not comply with these general conditions

  • Guarantees of the parties
              1. User guarantee 

 Each user certifies that all the information he provides to Todayivote are accurate and complete. They undertake to update their personal information without delay in the event of any modification.


 The user is solely responsible for the relationships he establishes and the information that he communicates to other users or partners of Todayivote. As such, the user undertakes to exercise appropriate prudence and discernment in these relationships. He also undertakes to respect the usual rules of politeness and courtesy in his exchanges with other Users and Todayivote’s contractual service providers.


 The user also agrees not to access the Todayivote application by any means other than downloading from legal platforms.


 The user also grants the site editor a right of reproduction and representation of the content that he may communicate on the site for the whole world.

              1. Todayivote Guarantee

 No guarantee is given by Todayivote, other than the conformity of the services with the presentation made of them on the site and on any Todayivote document relating to the services. In any case, users recognize that Todayivote cannot guarantee the adequacy of services to a particular need or the achievement of objectives set by users, even if they have been communicated to Todayivote, it being recalled that Todayivote has asked any question and provided any useful information or response to the customer to enable him to verify his interest in subscribing to the service and its suitability for his needs. Todayivote also cannot guarantee that the services will operate without interruption, be free from errors, bugs or viruses.


 Notwithstanding the above, Todayivote guarantees the user the peaceful enjoyment of the use of the services. Todayivote guarantees the user against any action, claim, claim, eviction whatsoever, on the part of any person invoking an intellectual property right to which the services would infringe or have infringed, an act of unfair and / or parasitic competition and in particular tending to prohibit or restrict their use Intellectual property of Todayivote


 The present conditions do not imply any transfer of any kind of property rights, in particular intellectual, on the elements belonging to Todayivote for the benefit of the user who in any case refrains from any action and any act likely to directly or indirectly infringe the intellectual property rights of Todayivote.


 In this regard, it is specified that the content of the site, the general structure as well as the brands, designs, models, animated or not images, texts, photographs of Todayivote, logos, graphic charters, software and programs, search engines, databases, videos, domain names, design and all other elements composing the site or any other information appearing therein, without this list being exhaustive, are the exclusive property of Todayivote or partners or third parties who have granted it a license, and are protected by intellectual property rights which are or will be recognized by them according to the laws in force.


 Any reproduction and / or representation, total or partial, of one of these elements, without the express authorization of Todayivote, is prohibited and would constitute in particular but not exclusively an infringement punishable by the provisions of the Code of intellectual property.

  • Hypertext links and complaints

 The content posted on the Interface may contain hypertext links giving access to third party websites.


 The user is informed that the websites which they can access through hypertext links do not belong to Todayivote. Todayivote is not responsible for the content of the information provided on these sites. The User cannot invoke the responsibility of Todayivote in the event of loss or damage of any kind due to the activation of these hypertext links.


 In the event that a User wishes to report to Todayivote the presence on the Site or the Interface of erroneous information, illegal content or a hypertext link redirecting to an illegal site, the User must formulate this request by e-mail to support@Todayivote.com indicating their name and providing a precise description of the content that appears to be wrong or illegal and the reasons.


 In any case, he reminds that reporting erroneous or illegal content in order to obtain its removal and / or to stop its distribution, knowing that this report is unfounded, is sanctioned by the law and also exposes the user to criminal and / or civil legal proceedings.

  • Responsibility

  The User uses the services under his exclusive responsibility.


 Todayivote also declines all responsibility for direct and indirect damage, whether foreseeable or not, caused during the use of the site. 


 The responsibility of Todayivote can be established only in the event of proven fault, in such a case, and because of a personal, direct and certain damage suffered by the user in the context of the use of the site and attributable exclusively to Todayivote. 


 En tout état de cause, la responsabilité de Todayivote est limitée aux préjudices directs à l’exclusion de tout autre préjudice notamment indirect, de quelque nature que ce soit ou pour toute atteinte à la réputation ou à l’image de l’Utilisateur. La responsabilité de Todayivote ne saurait être engagée pour tout dommage subi par l’Utilisateur ou par un tiers résultant directement ou indirectement :

  • du non-respect par l’Utilisateur de l’une quelconque de ses obligations, ou d’une faute
  • fait imprévisible et insurmontable d’un tiers
  • d’une négligence ou d’une faute de l’Utilisateur,
  • d’une utilisation des Services non conforme aux présentes ou à leur destination,
  • du contenu édité et publié par l’Utilisateur sur l’Interface, et
  • d’une force majeure.

 Dans les limites prévues par la loi, dans le cas où la responsabilité de Todayivote devait être engagée, le montant total des indemnisations est plafonné à la somme de 500€ pour un utilisateur.

  • Données à caractère personnel

 Conformément au Règlement général sur la protection des données (UE 2016/679) et à la loi n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 relative à l’informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés modifiée, l’utilisateur est informé que Todayivote, en tant que responsable du traitement, met en œuvre un traitement de données à caractère personnel ayant pour principales finalités :

  • l’accès et le bénéfice des prestations proposées sur le site ;
  • la gestion des comptes utilisateurs ;
  • la gestion et le traitement des demandes de contact.

 Ces informations sont destinées à Todayivote, ainsi qu’à des éventuels sous-traitants et partenaires pour les finalités susvisées.


 Le traitement de vos données personnelles est fondé sur :

  • l’exécution des présentes conditions générales d’utilisation ;
  • l’intérêt légitime de Todayivote.

 Les données collectées sont conservées : 

  • pour les demandes de contact, pour le temps nécessaire au traitement de la demande ;
  • pour les autres cas pendant la durée nécessaire à la gestion du compte utilisateur,

et ce augmentées des durées de prescription applicable.


 En application de la réglementation en vigueur, vous disposez d’un droit d’accès, de rectification ou d’effacement, de limitation du traitement de vos données, d’un droit d’opposition, d’un droit à la portabilité de vos données ainsi que du droit de définir des directives relatives au sort de vos données après votre décès, qui s’exercent par courrier électronique à contact@todayivotecom ou par courrier postal Todayivote, 149, Avenue du Maine, 75014 Paris accompagné de la copie document permettant de justifié de l’identité.


 En cas de réclamation un recours peut être exercé devant l’Autorité de protection des données personnelles (Cnil).

  • Désinscription et résiliation de l’abonnement

 L’utilisateur peut à tout moment se désinscrire des Services en adressant une demande à cet effet par courrier électronique à l’adresse suivante : support@Todayivote.com. La désinscription sera effective dans les 72 heures ouvrables suivant la réception de la demande. 


 La désinscription du Citoyen entraîne la suppression du compte personnel du Citoyen et l’anonymisation de l’ensemble des contenus qu’il aura mis en ligne. 


 La désinscription du Parlementaire entraîne la suppression du compte personnel du Parlementaire. L’ensemble des contenus qu’il aura mis en ligne pendant son ou ses mandats est conservé visible aux utilisateurs de la plateforme en vertu de l’exercice du droit à la liberté d’expression et d’information.


 En tout état de cause, dans le cas où l’Utilisateur ne respecte pas les dispositions prévues aux présentes et notamment aux articles : « Obligations des Utilisateurs », « Propriété intellectuelle » Todayivote se réserve le droit de clôturer le compte de l’Utilisateur concerné et de mettre un terme à l’accès en cours après avoir envoyé une email de mise en demeure restée sans effet pendant trente (30) jours à compter de cet envoi. 

  • Preuve et convention de preuve

 Les registres informatisés conservés dans les systèmes informatiques de Todayivote seront conservés dans des conditions raisonnables de sécurité et considérés comme les preuves des communications intervenus entre les parties. Elles font foi jusqu’à preuve du contraire.

  • Langue

 La langue faisant foi est le français.

  • Loi applicable

 Les présentes conditions générales sont régies par la loi française.


 Il en est ainsi pour les règles de fond et les règles de forme et ce, nonobstant les lieux d’exécution des obligations substantielles ou accessoires.

  • Juridiction compétente








  • Questions

 Si vous avez des questions concernant nos conditions générales d’utilisation veuillez nous contacter à support@todayivote.com


 Cette politique de confidentialité a été mise à jour pour la dernière fois le 24 décembre 2020.